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Best Waterquality

  • Treatment of water with low residual ozone concentration (specification of drinking water supply of 50μg/l)

  • 24 hours disinfection of the entire system with simultaneous use

  • Low energy cost

  • No further procedure is needed

  • No separate personnel expense

  • Rinse lesser-used lines by end-users

  • Automatic high dosage possible

  • Improvement of the quality of the water (for example: foul smell due to sulphur)

  • No residual chemicals such as bound chlorine in water

  • Ideal treatment of medicinal water

  • No additives and therefore no logistical processes and much more ...           

Services Rendered by AK OZON TECHNOLOGIES

Drinking Water Treatment

This is one of our most popular services. Many of our clients have benefited enormously from it. We offer this service at the highest level. With this service, we pay particular attention to ensuring that all details are handled easily, smoothly and promptly. When you work with AK OZON TECHNOLOGIES, you can rest be assured that you are in good hands.

Pool Water Treatment

We want all our customers to benefit from the high level of expertise at AK OZON TECHNOLOGIES. All our services, especially bath water purification, should make your life easier and stress-free. You can count on us to provide you with excellence and the best customer service.

OZONE-Water System Construction

The ozone generator modules developed and produced by AK OZON TECHNOLOGIES develop a power of 100-400 gO³/h, depending on the electrical control and the carrier gas supplied. Due to the modular up- and downgradeable design, several modules can be interconnected. Existing systems of old construction type, for example: Plattenozoneure have already been converted with these modules. The modules are compatible with each other and can be serviced in exchange. The main advantage of the conversion is the reduced maintenance costs. In addition, retrofitting often eliminates the need for expensive overhaul of the existing ozone site, and the ozone generator module can also be incorporated into our new facilities.

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