Complete Solutions: Planning, Construction and Service

Our company specializes in solutions for the treatment of various water types:

  • drinking water treatment

  • pool water treatment

  • exhaust air cleaning

  • Process water treatment in medicine and other industries

AK OZON TECHNOLOGIES is a complete solution provider and offers:

  • Feasibility analysis

  • Techniical planning

  • Plant construction

  • Installation und commissioning

  • Customer services, etc.   


We offer professional service and accompany you from the analysis of the problem to the completion of the system.

Ozone Systems Construction

Water treatment at AK OZON TECHNOLOGIES means more than just providing components. As a system provider, we first discuss the current water problem at hand and then decide on the necessary treatment process. Turbid materials, also iron, manganese or arsenic can be removed from the water by filtration. This however, often requires a pre-treatment process such as oxygenation.
By using ozone (ozonation) raw water is disinfected and oxidized and thus be treated as drinking or pool water. Ozone biofiltration therefore, has established itself as a powerful process for the treatment of surface waters containing human and other environmental substances. By centralized dehydrogenation of drinking water in the waterworks, healthy and clean water can be produced at low cost for consumers.

Water Mixtures

The best known and most efficient mixing method is the introduction ozone gas in the partial flow process by means of a liquid gas jet injector. This method allows large quantities of water to be treated. In this case, a partial flow is diverted from the main current via bypass. A specially designed booster pump increases the pump pressure and prepares the partial flow so that the part-current injector absorbs and mixes the ozone gas. The efficiency of mixing however, can be increased when returning to the main current using a static mixer.

Customer benefits such as:

  • treatment of large quantities of water

  • low energy consumption

  • absolute regulation possible and much more.

Exhaust air Treatment

Our air dryers are designed to treat dried air required for ozone production. They reach a dew point of -60°C with a dry air volume of up to 100 m³/h. Dueto their modular designs, the dryers can also generate dry air independently in a separate standard cabinet.


Our catalytic converters are used in water plants to decompose the excess ozone-gas. Whereby, there is no presence of chlorine in the decomposition process. When using chlorine, activated carbon filters must be used. Our converters however comes in different sizes and capacities.

Customer benefits such as:

  • efficiency

  • high performance

  • low maintenance and much more.

Control Systems

At AK OZON TECHNOLOGIES, it is important that controls and regulations be made simple, clear, functional and safe. So, we are very much concerned with the design and planning of our control systems, which are based on the principle of a good connection between high-quality hardware and reliable software packages. This ensures that the systems are safe, secure and reassuring and, can also be manually operated at any time if necessary. In the automation and control management, we place great emphasis on a well-visually prepared user interface. The safe supply of energy to pumps, valves, fittings and other measuring equipment and their protection against damaging high-voltages is also very important to us. We therefore, only use high-quality and proven techniques in the field of measurement, control and regulation.